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Certificate of Economic Excellence

Play Energee Inc. and earn the Certificate of Economic Excellence
for your college applications and resume.

Who can earn this award?
Any High School or College student with an interest in Business or Economics. Since a background in these diciplines is crucial in the job market today, students in all career interests may play and qualify.

How does this program work?
Students sign up via the link below and start playing immediately. To qualify, students play Energee Inc regularly for a minimum of 8 weeks, reach attainable milestones and submit a summary of game play. Once completed you will receive your certificate.

Energee Inc. is playable and eductional for all ages High School and up. Prior Business or Economic courses are not neccessary!

We will hold onto all records for your Colleges & Universities to check your certification at any time.

Registration is FREE Includes access for one player/student to the game for up to 1 year to complete game milestones.

Contact us at with questions!

About Energee Inc.

Energee Inc is an online, fast paced game where players compete with each other to control the energy industry. Venture capitalists start you off with $100 million dollars. Players start by building basic oil fields, nuclear power plants, solar and wind farms. As they build their portfolio they can access more robust performing properties. Once companies are established their stock trades in the Energee Inc stock market where players buy and sell sector stocks.

Can you survive in this player market driven challenge?

Play the demo at: