Sponsoring Energee Inc's Certificate of Completion

EnergeeInc.com has a unique, opportunity for one nationally known University or College
to be the title or presenting sponsor of Energee Inc’s certificate of completion.

For example: The EnergeeInc.com Certificate of Completion & Economic Excellence Sponsored by “Your University”

Through daily game play students work towards this certificate at the Gold, Silver and Bronze levels.
This accomplishment will then be added to their college applications and resumes.

Your University/College’s branding or marketing message in front of our players on a daily basis!
We expect over 250,000 players in 2022-2023!

Energee Inc as a College credit course for advanced high school students

EI offers an opportunity for Colleges and Universities to offer the game as a college credit course to high school and college students.
While college credit Science Research programs are available in most high schools, Business, Math & Economics students are not given this opportunity.

As part of earning the college credits, students can play the game from 3 to 12 months as well
as submit a research paper from their game play results and their critical thinking throughout.

Please contact us at staff@energeeinc.com to discuss either or both opportunities.