Energeeinc.com (EI) is an online business and economics game that offers students of all levels the ability to implement lessons into a real life simulation.

EI uses an Artificial Intelligence economic engine which continuously analyzes the game's markets and adjusts as students manage their energy companies.

Students learn first hand the effects of supply and demand in pricing their energy, their labor markets and in speculating in the EI stock market. Educators are
able to see in real time the critical thinking that goes into their student's decisions while playing the game.

NEW - DOWNLOABLE GAME DATA for Data Analytics/Science & Math Students
Build daily data models in Excel, Power BI & Tableau for game decision making!

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Energee Inc for High School Teachers & Students

  • EI can be used as extra credit and/or as a compliment to business and economics curriculum
  • Student's progress is tracked via the accomplishment levels of the Certificate of Economic Excellence - Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • Teacher can decide what level of progress marks
    completion - view
  • Teacher will have access to view student's progress

contact us at staff@energeeinc.com